Official Apple 2 Pin EU Lightning Charger Bundle | 5W EU Plug & Apple Lightning Cable

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Brand : Apple , Connection Type: Apple Lightning
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Apple iPhone charger bundle for use in Europe.  Features an Apple 2 Pin Euro plug and Apple Lightning Cable.
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Apple EU Charger Bundle

Does business mean you’re across the channel more than you are at home?  Are you a frequent city breaker?  Maybe you’re just looking for the smallest, lightest travel charger available for your iPhone 6 or iPad Mini 3.

This original Apple EU Charger adapter can be used with the bundled original Apple Lightning cable to charge your Apple smartphone or tablet whilst on your travels in Europe.

The compact, smooth design of the charger adapter ensures that it can slipped into any pocket or carryall when travelling. Ultra light construction also ensures that weight is kept to a minimum, very important on short haul journeys or business trips where every gram and kilo counts. The included USB 2.0 to Lightning cable enables both efficient charging as well as data transfer when connected to your personal computer.


  • iPhone 5, 5s
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen
  • iPod Nano 7th Gen
  • iPad 4th Gen
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
  • iPad with Retina Display

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this be used to charge my iPhone 6 Plus? A. Yes, the charger and lightning cable will power your smartphone.            

Q. Can this charger be used with other brands of smartphone such as my Samsung Galaxy? A. Yes and no. The Lightning connector will only plug into current generation Apple devices but the charger adapter will take any USB cable.

Q. Which model number do these adapters carry? A. These are the A1400 model, the version that redesigned by Apple to combat any issues. (see below).

Q. What is the output of this charger? A. 5v – 1A

Spot A Fake Lightning Cable

Please click the link text to be taken to our Blog Guide on "How To Sport a Fake Apple Lightning Cable".  We created this guide for your piece of mind and we hope you find it infomative and reassuring.

Every Lighting Cable or Lighting Connector equipped product we sell, as with all our branded stock, is 100% genuine. We're also a Google Trusted Store. 

There are tons of fake Apple products on the market and the Lightning Cable is one of the most common - we want our customers be satisfied that everything they purchase from us is the real deal!

You can also view Apple's guide to spotting a fake.


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