Official Apple 30-pin Charger & Cable Bundle

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Brand : Apple , Connection Type: Apple 30-Pin
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This bundle from the Apple Store would cost you £38!  The product is like-for-like, exactly as you would purchase from the Apple Store - just minus the box and most of the cost!  



Charger Bundle For iPhone 4 & Older

Has your iPhone 4S stopped charging? Maybe your iPad is behaving in a similar way? It could be time for a new Genuine Apple replacement from us!

Apple Store Price - £38!

This Genuine Apple 30-pin charger bundle comes complete with an Apple 5W UK plug coupled with the Apple 30-pin charging cable offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office or on the go. You would have to buy these two items separately from Apple at a retail cost of £19 per item. From us, cable and plug, both genuine, both from Apple and both from the same factories costs a mere £9.99 and saves you almost £30!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this to charge an iPod Nano? A. This can be used to charge some iPod Nanos but not all. The 30-pin cable is designed for the older generation iPods I.E iPod Nano 7 uses Apple Lightning connector and will not work with this cable.

Q. Can I transfer data with the 30-pin cable? A. Yes, the cable is for both charging and data syncing.

Q. Will this charge my iPad 2? A. It will fit an iPad and iPad 2m, however, the plug's output is only 5W so will take a long time to charge. A 10W plug adapter is needed.

Q. Will the plug work with USB to a MicroUSB device? A. Yes it will, just make sure your USB lead is in good working order before use.

Q. Is this the same adapter and cable as sold in the UK Apple store? A. Yes it is, ours come ‘bulk packaged’ I.E not in retail packaging but you save £££

30-Pin Compatibility


iPhone Models

iPad Models

iPod Models

iPhone 3G iPad (1st Gen)  iPod 5th Gen
iPhone 3Gs  iPad 2  iPod Classic
iPhone 4 iPad (3rd Gen) iPod Nano 1
iPhone 4S
 iPod Nano 2

 iPod Nano 3

  iPod Nano 4

  iPod Nano 5

  iPod Nano 6

  iPod Touch 1

  iPod Touch 2

 iPod Touch 3

  iPod Touch 4




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