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Official Apple 30-Pin to USB Cable.  Exactly the same item that you would purchase from the Apple Store only minus a box and over 70% cheaper!
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Apple 30-Pin to USB Cable

The Apple USB to 30-Pin Cable is Apple's charging and sync cable for older model Apple devices such as iPhone 4 and first model iPads.  The 30-pin to USB cable connects your Apple device (iPod, iPhone, or iPad) directly to your computer's USB port for efficient data transfer, device syncing and charging. The USB connector can also be used in conjunction with an Apple USB Power Adapter (or any USB equipped plug) for convenient charging from a mains wall socket.

  • Cable type: 30-pin (dock type) to USB Cable
  • Cable Length: 1 metre
  • Can be used for iPod/iPhone/iPad*

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work with an iPhone 5?  A. No, this is only for iPhones with the 30-pin connection.  Please see above.  iPhone 5 requires this cable here.

Q. Does it come in a box? A. No the cable comes as 'bulk packaged' meaning no retail packaging but saving you over 70%!

Q. Is this a fake Apple cable? A. No, this exactly the same cable you might purchase from an Apple Store.  We offer a Genuine Product Promise and can assure you the cable is a Genuine Apple original.

Brilliant cable but what surprised me the most was the excellent service ordered one day and arrived the next I have just ordered something else and will definitely be ordering more in the future.

After owning the product for under 5 months the part of the cable inserted into the phone port to charge the phone is broken. When I meant broken, I meant that the cable developed a 'turtle neck' and the plastic split. So I have to be careful when I charge my phone so the wire won't be on show. Prior to purchasing this product, I was told by a representative that my cable could be replaced in under 6 months (after the 90 days they usually give) if it were to break. Under 5 months in I call in after sending an email (which no one replied to) and explained to the the phone representative that my cable is broken. He proceeded to take my details and then asked what the problem was with the cable and I told him. Only for me to find out that the warranty doesn't cover the damage to my cable because it's a type of 'physical damage' implying I damaged my cable. I have only charged my cable on the table, I never 'sat on it' and only have had to change the position (twist the cable in place etc) when I charge the phone as a result of the cable being faulty! I will buy another cable from another company and see how that turns out because I didn't buy this 'genuine' cable for it to break in less than a year.

excellent product excellent service excellent price will recommend thank you ,

Thank-you for impeccable service, item was ordered in afternoon and received next morning, genuine charger for iPad, 100% recommend this company to buy from.

Thank you for such speedy delivery.
Charger working perfectly on my iPad.
Will defiantly use your website again for my Apple products and also will recommend to my family and friends.
Nice to know that you can buy something that is genuine and not having to pay top price for it.
Thank you again.
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