Official Apple iPad 12W Power Adapter

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Brand : Apple
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Apple 12W USB power adapter.  Ideally suited for charging iPads but can be used to power and charge and USB enabled device.


Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

This 12W Power Adapter kicks out a little more power than its 10W sibling and offers fast efficient charging.

Despite the power it possesses it still has a compact design and stylish, glossy, typical Apple, white finish. It’s easy enough to use as well! Simply insert the USB end of your Lightning or 30 Pin cable into the USB port on the adapter, plug the other end into your Apple device and away you go. That’s not all! You are not restricted to using it with just Apple devices and cable. It is compatible with any USB charging enabled device.



  • All models of iPhone
  • All models of iPod (Nano and Touch)
  • Most iPads


How Can I Tell If My Power Adapter is Genuine?

  • On the underside of the power unit will be the text “Designed by Apple In California” “Assembled in China”. Country may vary. This will be followed by technical information.
  • The white under section of the plug fits perfectly flush with the white lid.
  • The white lid has a sharp edge around the bottom and a rounded edge around the top.
  • They white coating around the bottom of the plug prongs is the same shade as the base of the plug. The earth prong is uncovered.
  • The plug has moulded indentations on either side, most fake plugs do not have these.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is it compatible with? A. Any USB enabled device
  2. What is the output power rating? A. 5.2V – 2.4A
  3. Is the plug compatible with USB 3.0 devices? A. Possibly, check with manufacturer.


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Awesome charger keep it up
Genuine product, fantastic customer service and speedy delivery
5 star service. Works perfectly for my iPad. Wish I would have found this website years ago! Thanks again.
Perfit m8! chargis my Ipad quik time