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The Apple iPhone X is a truly revolutionary handset. A beautifully designed, full screen phone. Featuring the fastest processer ever seen in an iPhone, facial recognition technology, dual cameras, extra life battery, augemented reality features and a new and improved IOS.



The next generation of iPhone is here – the Apple iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is a true testament to the design prowess of the California based company.  10 years in the making, the iPhone X is the culmination of years of progress.  The all-screen device offers a seriously immersive experience with an intelligent touch. 


The iPhone X is defined by its full size screen completely filing the front of the phone.  The 5.8” super retina display is a beauty to behold.  It’s the first OLED screen to be designed for iPhone and is certain to dazzle you with its super accurate colour range and 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.  Apple has developed new techniques in glass production allowing them to precisely fit the screen to the shape and curves of the phone.


The iPhone X also features some of the most sophisticated camera technology ever seen in an iPhone.  The front camera first of all, now not only for selfies and video chat – contains TrueDepth technology and facial recognition software that together adds a new layer of security to your phone called Face ID.  But if selfies are your thing – then the front camera has been upgraded in this regard as well and you can now amazing, sharp selfies with soft backgrounds.  But if you want even more front camera fun – the iPhone X now allows creating Emoji’s from your own facial expressions – analysing more than 50 different muscle movements to create the perfect, personal Emoji! 

The rear camera has also been given a serious over hall and now features a double camera setup as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus.  The improved camera features a 12MP sensor that is both faster and larger than last year’s hardware.  The rear camera now also supports Deeper pixels and a new telephoto mode.  Portrait shots are now even better thanks to the addition of depth sensing and facial recognition technology – allowing the cameras to pick up more detail and add studio quality effects and lighting.  Both lenses feature image stabilisation and can take amazing shots even in low light conditions. 


The Apple iPhone X is powered by one of the most sophisticated pieces of mobile technology ever created – the A11 Bionic processor.  The A11 is Apple’s most powerful and smartest chip ever to feature in an iPhone and takes the X to new heights - capable of up to 600 billion operations per second.  The chip features four efficient cores and is up to 70% faster than the A10 chip seen in the iPhone 7.  The graphics powering performance cores are now up to 25% faster! 

The iPhone X is also very power efficient thanks to a second generation performance controller.  The iPhone X also features a custom battery design that gives you up to 2 hours more usage time from your phone!  And your games and apps will now look even better thanks to a newly designed three core GPU that’s up to 30% faster than last year!

But you’re probably wondering what the ‘Bionic’ part refers to?  The A11 is geared up to provide some amazing Augmented Reality experiences.  It’s a new world – and one that Apple is fully invested in.  Change the environment around you, play games in your own back garden and experience life from another perspective – all thanks to iPhone X A11 Bionic chip. 

Wireless Charging 

For the first time, the Apple iPhone range supports wireless Qi charging via the AirPower mat.  Simply plug your charging pad into the mains, leave that on your desk or side table etc – then simply place the iPhone X onto the pad to start charging – no need to plug the phone in to anything else in.  You can also take advantage of the many Qi wireless charging zones found in airports, café’s etc. 

IOS 11 

For the iPhone X, Apple has re-designed iOS from the ground up.  A new size and style of screen means that Apple had to think differently about iOS and how it got along with the new iPhone.  You can now send Animated Emojis in message created from your own face.  Or you can make SIRI be your personal DJ for the evening.  There’s AR Games to blow your mind and tons of Augmented Reality apps to play with. 

The iPhone X is a truly revolutionary handset and a near masterpiece from Apple. 


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