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Turn your Micro USB devices into compatible Apple 30-pin chargers etc

Apple 30-Pin to Micro USB Adapter

Have you recently switched from a Samsung to an Apple iPhone 4S or similar?  Do you have an abundance of Micro USB chargers and cables?  This Genuine Apple 30-pin to Micro USB Adapter will allow you to use your old MicroUSB chargers and cables with Apple handsets such as the iPhone 3GS etc.

The Apple iPhone Micro USB Adapter allows you to use non-Apple USB cables and chargers to sync or charge your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to the Micro USB Adapter, then connect a micro USB cable or charger to the Micro USB Adapter.

This adapter is exactly the same as that sold in the UK Apple Store and is not counterfeit.  We are a Google Trusted Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I transfer data with this adapter? A. Yes, data transfer is possible with this adapter.

Q. Will this work with my iPad 2? A. No, this is not designed for use with an iPad2.

Q. Will this work with a mini USB to USB lead? A. Yes it will, just make sure your USB lead is in good working order before use.

Q. Is this the same adapter as sold in the UK Apple store? A. Yes it is, ours come ‘bulk packaged’ I.E not in retail packaging but you save £££

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