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A handy 4 port USB charging plug that can accomodate upto 4 devices at a time.
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4 Port USB Wall Charger Plug

Built for the modern life, where we often have a multitude of devices that all need charging everyday.  This handy 4 port USB wall plug can accomodate 4 devices at a time using just one plug socket and charging them all simultaneously.  It can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, music devices, bluetooth speakers and headphones and more. Basically anything that charges via USB can be charged with this plug!

  • Colour - Black
  • Power output - 5V-4.8A (total)
  • USB Port 1 - 5V-2.4A
  • USB Port 2 - 5V-2.4A
  • USB Port 3 - 5V-1A
  • USB Port 4 - 5V-1A
  • UK Spec (3 pin)

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