The Return of the Dumb Phone – and the Flip Phone!

Posted by   Sean Wilson

The popularity of dumb phones has been rising recently.  With a huge difference in features between that and a smart phone such as limited internet connectivity and apps and none of the high tech features of modern smart phones such as good cameras, fingerprint scanners etc.

They’ve been especially popular in emerging markets such as India, with festivalgoers and with people who don’t need all the features of a top of the range smartphone.

The biggest proponent so far in this resurgence has definitely been the re-released Nokia 3310 – one of the most popular handsets of all time given a slight 2017 upgrade and makeover and released to the shelves at just £50.

Another popular design that’s enjoying a revival is the flip phone.  The ultimate style icon of the early noughties – the “clam shell” designed phones were the ultimate cool gadget at the time.  In recent weeks, two new flip phones have been announced by manufacturers.

US Network Verizon just released a basic phone called the LG Exalt LTE phone that only uses 4G.   A small screen, large buttons and 10-day standby battery provide the essentials while a 5MP camera and 8GB of internal storage add a little extra to the dumb phone.  The phone can also been used as a hot spot and will set you back £132.

South Korean smartphone giant Samsung is going a touch further releasing a flip phone with smart capabilities.  The Galaxy Folder 2 runs Android and is powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM.  The phone comes in a range of colours and has 16GB internal storage.

Samsung are also reportedly cooking up another flip phone for released this year.  The device currently only has a model designation – SM-G1650 – looks to have a screen on the front flipping part of the phone.  Another high-end Samsung flip phone had its design leaked earlier this year.

And the two companies aren’t the only ones bringing flip phones back.  Alcatel has the Go Flip and Japanese firm Torque has revealed a heavy duty flip phone.  However, the rumour that Motorola were working on bringing back their iconic Razr phone was denied.

Dumb phones definitely have a place in the world.  Not everyone wants to be connected to everything 100% of the time and a dumb phone can provide a welcome break from that fast paced constant in-flux of information that having a smartphone brings.  And flip phones – well, who doesn’t like a flip phone!?


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