Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is more than just another tablet.  Powerful enough to replace most personal computers and laptops, the iPad Pro is a tablet ready for the modern world.  Even the hardest tasks are easily achieved with an iPad Pro; whether you’re swiping, touching, drawing or writing with the special iPad Pencil (sold separately).  Available in both 12.9” inch and 9.7” inch versions – whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing you’re choosing a portable power house that’s ready for almost any task.

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch - Click To Watch The Video Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch - Click To Watch The Video

The BEST iPad Screens EVER!

The iPad Pro experience comes from its super vivid Retina display and how you interact with the screen using Multi-Touch.  Both elements combine so you can explore and view content in spectacular detail.  The 12.9” iPad Pro has the highest resolution screen of any Apple iOS operated device.  The 9.7” iPad Pro is equipped with Apple’s most advanced screen to date which is super bright and the least reflective screen in the world!

Faster than a speeding laptop.

The iPad Pro’s 64-bit A9X processor gives it a serious amount of power and more than enough to take on tasks usually reserved for a laptop or PC.  And despite all this extra power you still get a good 10 hours battery life thanks to the A9X efficiently balanced architecture.

The A9X is powerful enough for gaming, design work, CAD, garage band and multimedia editing and much more! 

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