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The S5 action camera is perfect for those who want a durable camera that can take crystal clear high-definition action shots at an affordable price. Featuring a time-lapse mode, built in electronic stabilization, 16MP sensor and more. The S5 ensures you get ultra 4K footage at 25 frames per second – ideal for capturing memorable moments and high-end actions shots.

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EZVIZ S5 HD Touch Screen Action Camera

This compact, rugged action camera is the perfect way of capturing adrenaline pumping activities such as sky-driving, trail biking, skateboarding, surfing, cliff jumper and more. Capable of recording resolutions of 1440p at 25 frames per second – the S5 action camera delivers high quality footage with DLSR-quality features.


Built using high quality materials, the S5 is a rugged compact action camera that can handle anything you throw at it. The camera features a 2” touch screen towards the rear that’s great for easy menu navigation, son figuring settings and taking pictures. Engineered to be used with a range of EZVIZ accessories, the camera can be attached to helmets, selfie sticks, flat/curved surfaces, bolted to frames or even placed in a waterproof case for underwater footage up to depths of 40m. The multiple mounting options allow you get the best angle you want and also function as an easy way to change the rechargeable battery.


Fitted with a 16 mega-pixel sensor, the S5 action camera is capable of capturing 4K resolution video at 15 frames per second. The integrated HDR enhancement software cleans up footage/images in contrasting light conditions, resulting in quality pictures with exceptional levels of clarity. The built in electronic stabilization provides excellent stabilization that removes any motion blurring from your images so you get the best possible end product. The super-aspheric lens prevents any images distortion when worn by the user, the lens also provides superior first-person-view by instantly focusing even when on-the-go. The camera also feature a dual microphone to capture sounds along with the video footage for immersive viewing. The dual camera set up is designed to reduce wind noise so you can choose between mics for the most optimal sound.


The action camera is fully Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled, which means you can record straight to a Bluetooth storage device or secure encryption to the cloud. There’s the option to fit a SD card in the dedicated card slot up to 128GB. The S5 includes a 900 mAh battery which delivers up to 2 hours of high-impact action recording. The S5 action camera can also be used as a standard digital camera for when you’re not riding your bike or jumping out of a plane. You can take up to 15 pictures in 1 second with the photo burst mode and if you want time to stretch out, there’s an integrated time-lapse mode that films in full 4K quality. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity you’re able to connect your action camera to a range of EZVIZ devices such as a remote wristband control, selfie stick and more!