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Google Chromecast Audio allows you to stream and play music from Spotify, Google Play and more on your exisiting audio system with ease.

Stream music from your phone to your speakers

The Google Chromecast Audio gives you the ability to play over 30 million songs from services like Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and more by streaming from your phone, tablet or other media device straight to your speakers.  The Chromecast Audio is an afforadable music streaming solution that you can use with your exisitng speakers or Hi-Fi.

Easy Setup

  • Simple plug the Chromecast Audio into your speakers AUX input - then visit chromecast.com/setup 
  • Connect the Chromecast Audio to your home Wi-Fi network
  • While using a compatible app, tape the "cast" button to enjoy effortless streaming (click here for a full list of compatible apps)

For more information about to use and setup the Google Chromecast Audio please see here