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The budget-friendly, sustainable Little Bird earphones offers excellent sound quality, comfort and performance. Crafted from recycled material and designed with noise-isolation in mind – the Little Bird earphones deliver a remarkable audio experience.

House of Marley Little Bird In-Ear Headphones

 house of marley little bird earphones

Crafted with a refined aluminium chassis, the Little Bird earphones provide excellent noise-cancellation and stunning audio quality. The sustainable packaging is made from recycled materials and includes a collection of ear buds for ears of different shapes and sizes.


Built from a slim, polished aluminium chassis, the Little Bird earphones are designed for maximum comfort and noise-cancellation in mind, so you can enjoy your music whether you’re on the go or on a crowded train.

Sound Quality

Engineered with a 9.2mm dynamic driver for a more optimised audio experience, the Little Bird earphones aim to relax and transport you to another world when you’re listening to your favourite tracks. Featuring perfect noise-isolation with HD audio, resulting in deep and rich sound quality.


Featuring an integrated microphone on the cable so you’re able to take calls with crystal clear quality. The packaging is also made from recycled materials to keep in line with the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability. Inside you will find a collection of soft ear buds for a range of different ear shapes and sizes.