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Designed to be compact, lightweight and discreet – the HTC TCP900 mains charger and USB charging cable allows you to boost battery power quickly and efficiently.
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HTC TCP900 Mains Charger + HTC USB Cable Bundle

The brand new redesigned USB power adapter and charger are an essential addition to your HTC device. The small, discreet design allows for easy packing for when you’re travelling around.

The power adapter is compatible with all HTC smartphones when used with the USB cable supplied with your device. So even if you upgrade to the latest mode, this power adapter will still be of use.  Designed and manufactured by HTC, these chargers have gone through meticulous stages of quality control, ensuring you get a top-quality product that charges your HTC device perfectly.  

You can also use this charger with any Micro USB enabled device such as MP3 players, Digital Cameras and more.

Technical Specifications
  1. Model: TC P900-UK
  2. Input: 100-240V-200mA 50-60Hz
  3. Output: 5v-1.5A

Compatibility: Any Micro USB equipped device or handset.