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Do you strive for that perfect selfie but feel the "lighting" is constantly letting you down?  These LED Light Up Selfie are absolutley perfect for you!  Used by celebs, stars and Insta-Queens!

Super Bright LED Selfie Case

Selfies will never be the same again. Take them with the lighting that you've always wanted or needed. With 3 functions you can create the perfect lighting for your image. Both edges of the case have LED lights that light up your face allowing you take the perfect selfie.  Similar to cases used by celebs such as Kim Kardashian!

The case is made out of durable plastic to resist wear and tear. The Micro USB cable included with the case is used to recharge the internal battery using the Micro USB port at the bottom of the case. 

  • Press once for on/off
  • Double click to make the LED flash
  • Press and hold to dim the LED's
Included in the box
  • Case
  • Charging cable


Great case, a much brighter light than i was expecting for the price, also makes me easy to find in the club, good value and delivered fast.
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