Mike Galeli Handmade Genuine Leather Folio Flip Case for Sony Xperia X

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This Mike Galeli ‘Marc’ case is crafted from the finest grosgrain natural leather. Keeping your Sony Xperia protected without compromising on style, this case oozes sophistication.
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Mike Galeli Handmade Folio Flip-Case for Sony Xperia X

Presenting our genuine leather cases for the Sony Xperia X by Mike Galeli. These cases feature the ‘Marc’ logo embossed on the front and an embossed ‘Made for XPERIA’ on the back. The in-built synthetic shell allows for a perfect fit that can withstand daily abuse such as scrapes and scratches. The case features an integral stand, magnetic clap and business card slot to the side. You can can make phone calls without opening the case and you have full access to all of the devices’ ports such as charger and headphone jack.


-Handmade case made from authentic Rolax leather.

-Standing function for watching videos.

-Magnetic clasp for secure closure.

-Functional yet stylish design.


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