£564.99 (Inc. 20% VAT) £609.00  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 8.0 Oreo
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung's current flagship smartphone. It boasts an array of top level features including an improved camera, better battery life and Infinity Display.

£634.99 (Inc. 20% VAT) £699.00  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus offers a much larger display and battery size than its younger brother the S8. Featuring the exclusive infinity display - the Galaxy S8 plus provides your eyes with immersive HD quality that can also enhance usability. It's like having a portable cinema in the palm of your hand.

£299.99 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Galaxy A5 , Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.2"
With an excellent price-to-value ratio, the Samsung Galaxy A5 offers flagship features and the Samsung brand at an affordable price. Perfect for those who want a multi-function smartphone that's both for work and play.

£249.00 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy A3 , Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 4.7"
Elegant and stylish, the A3 has been crafted with minimalism in mind. Powered by its octa-core processor, the A3 delivers impressive performance like its flagship brothers. Perfect for those on a budget who crave a premium quality device from a reputable brand for a fraction of the price.

£839.99 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 7.0 Nougat, 6.3"
The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is one of the best 'big' -phones available on the market. There are enough features packed into this device to keep anybody satisfied. Whether it's the alluring infinity display, dual lens camera or the new and improved S-pen - The Samsung Note 8 excels in all areas.

£189.99 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy J3, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 5.0"
Featuring a colourful, bright screen and ultra-modern design - the Samsung Galaxy J3 is a smartphone that's not to be underestimated.
Powered by a high-speed processor, the J3 offers smooth fluid performance without making any compromises. Perfect for those that want a serious entry-level smartphone on a budget.

£239.99 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), Android 7.0 Nougat, 5.2"
Featuring an immersive AMOLED display, incredible in-built camera, long life battery and smooth performance - Samsung's Galaxy J5 packs a serious punch. The all-metal body looks great and delivers a flagship-worthy look that will makes envious. Ideal for those who want a versatile device that can offer a dynamic range of features and high-performance
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£210.00 (Inc. 20% VAT)  
Brand : Samsung, Samsung Xcover 4, Android 7.0 Nougat, 5.0"
Whether it’s your passion or job that has you out in all kinds of weather, the Samsung X-Cover 4 has been engineered with durability and reliability in mind. Featuring a reinforced casing, water resistance, large HD display, high quality cameras and high performance specs. The Samsung XCover 4 is ideal for those that want a basic smartphone that’s built to last.
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