Mophie 2X Reserve Portable Power Bank - 5,200mAh

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Brand : Mophie
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The Mophie 2x reserve power bank is a compact and reliable solution to charging your device when on the go. The compact design allows the power bank to easily fit into your travel bag or jacket pocket. Perfect for long haul flights and when you have no access to wall outlets.
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Mophie 2X Reserve Portable Power Bank - 5,200mAh
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Reserve Power That Fits in your Pocket

Fed up of your phone constantly running out of battery? If your device can barely last a day after moderate sue then you need a reserve battery bank at your side. The Mophie 2x portable power bank is the ideal solution, the small compact design is super discreet and can give your phone an extra 2.5 charges.

The power reserve works by using a 2.1A output and Mophies in-built adaptive charging software to analyse your connected device and offer the quickest and most efficient charging speed. The integrated LED indicator allows you to view the battery levels and charging status for convenience. One handy feature is the priority change function, this works when your device and powerbank are both connected to your PC/Mac. Your device will always be first to charge, then once it’s fully restored - the powerbank will start restoring its own battery. 

Tech Specs:
  • Battery Capacity - 5,200mAh
  • Compatibility - Smartphones, Wearables & Tablets
  • Dimensions - 1.87 x 0.84 x 3.35 in (47.5 x 21.3 x 85.1 mm)
  • Weight – 4.2 oz (119 g)


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