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Probably the best case available for the Samsung Galaxy S7. Not only does it protect your phone from drops and knocks but it provides it with 60%+ more power. You can also charge the case and your phone at the same time using a wireless Qi charger.

Charging Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

The Mophie Juice Pack range is one of the worlds best selling, best performing Charging Cases and this Galaxy S7 version is no different.  A high quality design, coupled with a large capacity battery and superb protection makes the Juice Pack an essential case.

The Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S7 is equipped with a 2950mAh battery which gives your phone more than 60% extra battery life.  The charging case is also wirless Qi enabled meaning you can charge both your phone and your case at the sametime with your wireless charger - saving a lot of time!

The case also offers full protection from drops and knocks and the daily wear and tear of life. 

All in all, an essential case for any Samsung Galaxy S7 owners.


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