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The Mophie Powerboost is a small but mighty portable charger giving you around 24 hours extra of power for your mobile devices.

A Small But Mighty Portable Powerbank

The Mophie Powerboost is a 5,200mAh portable charger and powerpack that can power and charge a wide range of portable devices.

Compact and easy to carry, the Mophie Powerboost can you keep your smartphone for around 24 hours - giving you that extra boost you might need when away for a day or so.

The Mophie Powerboost is equipped with a USB port allowing you to connect and charge pretty much any smartphone or wearable. The Powerboost features LED indicators to let you know when the device is charging and how much power is left.


  • 4 LED battery indicator with button
  • Auto-detect charging – charging begins immediately once device is plugged in.
  • USB output / Micro USB input
  • 9" micro USB charge cable included

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