Mophie Powerstation 6,000mAh - Portable Charger and Powerbank

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Dual Charging 6,000mAh Powerbank

Mophie's range of Powerstation Portable chargers are some of the best power banks on the market.  They represent serious quality and won't let you down.  Built from the best materials - and they look and feel good!  No wonder they're championed by Apple!

The first level in the new Powerstation range is the 6,000mAh version.  It's compact size and good battery size make it perfect for overnight trips and short stays away.

The Powerstation also features dual charging ports allowing you to charge two devices at a time. 

6,000mAh battery delivers an additional 24 hours* giving you the power to do more. See additional hours broken down below.

  • Smartphone - Up to 24 Hours
  • Large Smartphone - Up to 22 Hours
  • Small Tablet - Up to 9 Hours


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