Mophie Powerstation USB-C - 10,000mAh Power Bank Portable Fast Charger

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Brand : Mophie, Connection Type: USB 2.0, USB-C
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Next-Gen USB-C Portable Charger from Mophie

Mophie has a Powerstation ready for the next generation of USB-C equipped devices.  The advanced universal battery and portable charger is able to power and charge a wider range of devices thanks to the inclusion of a high speed USB-C port alongside a traditional USB port.

The Powerstation also supports fast charged enabled devices and thanks to its 15W output can re-charge your supported devices in no time at all.  Unsupoprted devices charge at normal speeds.  The Powerstation USB-C also features dual ports allowing you to charge mutliple devices at a time.

The large capacity 10,000mAh battery gives you upto 48 hours extra run time from your devices.  Approx 48 hours for a smartphone, 38 hours for a larger 'Plus' model phone or approx 14 hours for a tablet.

As more and more devices start to adopt USB-C, being prepared in advance can make all the difference!

Tech specs

  • Battery Capacity - 10,000mAh
  • Compatibility - Smartphones & Tablets with USB-C connector
  • Dimensions - 2.72 x 5.19 x 0.63 in (69.2 x 132 x 15.95 mm)
  • Weight - 7.8 oz (221 g)


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