Official LG Mesh Folio Flip Cover Protective Case for G5

Brand : LG
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Official LG Mesh Folio Cover Case for LG G5


LG quick cover case flip protection for G5


The official LG Folio mesh case offers exceptional protection and functionality in a stylish package. A must-have accessory for those who want to protect their LG device and with some cool added features.

The Mesh case cover works seamlessly together with the Mesh Folio view window. This window gives you to ability to answer calls, change alarm settings and check notifications without even having to open your case. The translucent window is touch-friendly, which allows you to answer calls with a quick swipe across the screen. The large, cut out design works harmoniously with LG’s always-on-display. Allowing you to view time, date and up to 4 different notifications including emails and social media.

Made from a high-quality synthetic polycarbonate material, the flip cover has gone through strenuous testing so it offers the very best protection for your phone. The flip cover is engineered to be strong enough to handle daily abuse and punishment, without defacing your phone’s screen. The case snaps over your LG G5’s back cover easily, protection the rear panel without any significant extra weight. Protecting your phone from any scratches and front impacts so your G5 looks great for much longer.

Features :
-Answer calls, view messages and check notifications without opening the cover.
-Complete external protection.
-Refined metallic finish.

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