Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Smartphone

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Brand : Samsung
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Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus offers a much larger display and battery size than its younger brother the S8. Featuring the exclusive infinity display - the Galaxy S8 plus provides your eyes with immersive HD quality that can also enhance usability. It's like having a portable cinema in the palm of your hand.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Smartphone
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Samsung's Current Flagship Smartphone - Just Bigger! 

The Galaxy S8+ from Samsung is unlike any other smartphone on the market. Offering a bunch of unique features that will improve your user experience, productivity and quality of life. Like its predecessor the S7+, the Galaxy S8+ retains its rear 12 megapixel camera and android operating system. 

New features include a quad HD infinity display, virtual assistant, improved security, powerful processor and high quality front facing camera. 


The 5.8" infinity display looks superb. Out classing every other phone with its stylish looks and extraordinary picture quality. The edge to edge viewing experience will change the way you use your device. Find yourself far more immersed in your favourite apps, games and videos like never before. Discovering far more with less scroll time and capturing the smallest details in images and movies The sleek design allows you to comfortably hold the S8 in a single hand, easily accessing the power button and volume options. Different to generic devices, another neat feature of the S8 is the hidden 'Home' button. Found at the bottom of the phone is a pressure sensitive area that can be hard pressed when the phones locked or if you're in a full screen app. 


The 12 MP rear camera features a f/1.7 lens, like the S7. Enjoy the new integrated optical image stabilization and auto focus, bringing all your photos to life with stunning detail and quality. You’re not limited to pictures of your nandos or dessert, the new camera works great for action shots too. Enhanced image processing takes many shots and combines them into the perfect picture.

If you enjoy taking selfies then the revamped front facing camera is a must for you. The 8MP camera is fitted with a f/1.7 lens like the rear camera. Also including image stabilization and auto focus, you won’t have any trouble keeping your face in shot and getting images in low-light. 

The Galaxy S8 is packed with a bunch of new camera modes, from playful filters to high-end professional setting. You can expect to capture full 360 degree masterpieces with the panoramic function, great for reproducing your surroundings digitally. There’s even a dedicated food camera mode, blurring out the cutlery and making your dish instagram ready. 

If you’re more of a videographer then the 12MP camera offers full HD video recording at 30 fps. Like when snapping images, you can also enjoy the image stabilization when recording for that Hollywood quality video. Including video modes such as slow motion at 720p resolution and a hyperlapse mode. In combination these modes will add a remarkable twist to your day trip social media feed. 


Today, phones contain every aspect of our life, from contacts to messages to bank details. It’s imperative that we keep our data private and secure. Samsung’s defence grade ‘Knox’ system ensures that you have complete control of files which you want to be secure and only visible to you. Unlocking your phone couldn’t be any easier with the S8. With 3 options to unlock your phone you can rest easy knowing that nobody else will be able to snoop around without your permission. 

Transport yourself into a sci fi flick with the incorporated Iris scanner. Considered to be one of the secure bio-metric ways available, you'll be able to use it for unlocking your phone to authenticating purchases. Use it by simple holding up the phone to your face and aligning your eyes with the special sensors you'll have instant access. 

Using the front facing camera to identify prominent facial features, this is another futuristic method of unlocking the device. Despite being slower and less reliable in poor light, the face scan is still an interesting method that will be sure to turn heads. 

A classic method on any modern phone, the fingerprint scanner is reliable, fast and effective. Samsung have placed the fingerprint scanner high up on the back of the device. Some may find it perfect as their index finger naturally places itself to the scanner position. Left handed people may find it a little more difficult as they find themselves shuffling their fingers around to use it. 


The 10 nano-meter chip is the first of its kind within the Samsung collection – offering 2.3 GHZ per core. Paired with a 4GB RAM, It’s said to improve performance by 20% and decrease power consumption by 40%, meaning you can do more with your phone without any lag or performance issues. 

Boasting a massive 64 GB of internal storage, there’s plenty of space to store your most users apps, games, photos, videos and photos. When paired with the Google cloud you will be hard pressed to run out of room.  

The 3000mAh battery will last the day in most cases. Estimated talk time can vary around 20 hours pending on conditions. With built in power save setting you could easily stretch the battery out even further if you wish. With the option to charge wireless you can save yourself the hassle of tangled wires around your desk and bed. 


Samsung’s virtual assistant ‘Bixby’ will help you no matter what the task in hand. Whether it’s assisting in tasks, learning your daily routine, reminding you of friend’s birthdays or even telling you a joke. Bixby will always be a tap away.


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