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Meet the dash cam that brings you loads of features for every use, at an affordable price. The Thinkware X350 is fitted with a clear HD display screen, built in Wi-Fi, various warning systems and includes various autonomous recording modes.

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Thinkware X350 1080p Full HD Dash Cam

The Thinkware X350 dash camera is a full HD dashboard camera with an array of features. It delivers exceptional HD video recording whilst finding the perfect balance between lights and shadows. If you're looking for a versatile, all round great dash cam that could be installed permanently, the X350 dash cam is certainly worth considering.


Designed with durability in mind, the Thinkware X350 dash cam is comprised of a solid polycarbonate body that houses the 2.7” LCD screen, camera and other features. Because the dash came will be used everyday in the car, Thinkware have specifically designed the camera with a built in heat sensor, enabling the camera to automatically shut down and discharge heat if it senses any over-heating. Setting up the X350 is easy and simple. You can mount it to the windshield using the provided adhesive mount clip and connect its cable to your car’s power outlet.

The X350 is also available with an optional permanent kit, meaning you could opt in to connect the dash cam directly to your vehicles electrical system. This allows the dash cam to automatically switch to parking mode when you turn off the ignition, enabling you to catch footage of a culprit if your car is hit whilst parked.


The thinkware camera includes the Sony Exmor 2.4 megapixel camera with a constant full HD 1080p resolution. The large Sony sensor means the X350 delivers excellent high quality footage even in low-light conditions.  The wide angle lens offers a 140-degree field of view, perfect for minimising blind spots and recording all events without fail.
There are 3 recording modes that automatically turn on whilst you’re driving for secure video storage and for capturing important moments.

The continuous recording mode is activated the moment you turn the ignition and start the engine. Recorded footage is saved in 1 minute segments with an auto-loop function.
The manual recording mode is similar to how you would use a video camera. This works by turning on the camera when you want to capture events in-front of you whether you’re in motion or not.

Finally the most important –the incident recording mode. An active impact monitoring system on board the camera will automatically store video footage ten seconds prior to and after a collision, using the registered 3-axis gyroscope.
In the event that your power becomes disconnected from the dash cam  after a serious accident, fail safe recording technology uses back up power to ensure safe and compete storage of any recording in progress – so you can rest easy knowing your valuable footage is securely stored in any event.


Equipped with a 2.7” LCD display to the rear, there’s no need to connect your memory card to your PC just so you can review your footage. You could use the LCD display to view video in real time, review previous videos or navigate through the in-built menu and configure settings.

A unique safety feature with the Thinkware x350 dash cam is the active warning system. This works by putting the X350 into a continuous scan mode looking for red lights and locations of speed cameras along the route you’re driving. It can also detect your average speed and warn you with voice guidance and visual alerts if you should go over slightly, all whilst recording HD footage at the same time.

Connect your smartphone to the X350 with the built-in Wi-Fi function. This allows you to easily change around settings, access files and get control of your dash cam. The convenient application also lets you view real-time recordings as well as downloading recorded videos to your phone. As far as storage is concerned, the X350 comes with a 8GB SD card but can be upgraded via the SD card slot up to 64GB.