Trifo IronPie M6 Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Too busy to keep on top of all your daily chores?  Maybe you should make friends with IronPie; a powerful, artificial intelligence powered robot vacuum cleaner that goes around your home sucking up all the dust, crumbs and dirt from your floors.  He loves it! 

IronPie is equipped with a multi-sensory smart navigation system that allows him to create a 3D map of your home.  He learns the layout and then devises the most efficient route to keep your home clean.  He will continuously adapt to his surroundings, avoiding obstacles and updating his map as he goes.

IronPie is equipped with an ARMv8-A brain (or quad core chip) and uses very little energy meaning he can keep cleaning for longer.  He also has an auto return feature and a home base and will return and charge when his power is low.

Dust, dirt, hair, crumbs and more don’t stand a chance against the powerful 1800Pa suction power. It offers 2 cleaning modes (zig-zag & spiral cleaning) and 3 different levels of suction to meet different cleaning needs.

You can also keep an eye on IronPie when you’re out of the home thanks to the accompanying smart phone app for Android and iOS.

The app shows you the map that IronPie has created and displays the areas that have been cleaned and how long he has spent in a certain place.  He’s also equipped with a camera and can live stream as he cleans.

You can also go into manual mode on control IronPie yourself, manoeuvring him around your home to clean and monitor certain areas of your house.

With its low-profile design of 2.9 inches high, it can easily clean dirt from under furniture and hard-to-reach places. Drop-sensing technology automatically detects the stairs to avoid falls.

Tips: Connects to 2.4GHz frequency, does not support 5GHz frequency band.

Clean the hair of vacuum regularly with the vacuum cleaning tool for optimal performance.

Clear all potential hazards before cleaning.


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