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Posted by   Louis Bates

Facebook Finally Adds The Manage Activity Feature And It Is Amazing!

Facebook is always evolving and trying to release new features that support users, when it comes to updates however they are usually just quality of life changes. This new feature will please a lot of people that like to edit and remove posts in bulk. Facebook will be launching a brand new feature called Manage Activity, this essentially allows users to delete their posts in bulk. Even better than just that though Facebook will be offering various filter options to help you find specific posts that you would consider removing.

Facebook says that this feature has been designed to help you curate your presence in order to more accurately portray yourself as who you are today, but what does that mean?

Fixing Past Mistakes

You have most likely owned Facebook for years maybe in the range of about ten years give or take, perhaps longer. In the past you may have been a tad bit more silly than you are now and could have posted some offensive images, rude material or said some less than kind words about someone or something. Fast forward a bunch of years after you made those posts, you most likely forgot you even made them and probably thought its so far in the past, nobody will see it right?

Well you would be surprised, employers depending on the type of business will do various background checks in order to understand the person they will allow to represent the brand. Facebook is the fastest and easiest way to find out about a person and they can filter your posts as far back as Facebook lets them. If they go back in your Facebook life and see offensive posts, images and even comments, it may seriously hurt your chances of receiving your job even if you have changed and matured.

Other benefits?

Well the Manage Activity feature will allow you to select multiple groups of posts and while you may just want to remove the bad stuff, what about the sad stuff?

You will be able to use this feature to remove old posts that could involve your past relationships, a lot of people that break up on Facebook forget to remove old photos, posts and comments. This can bring back memories later in life you already moved on from and hurt, it can even cause some future relationships to question your past ones based on photos. It's better to just forget the headache and remove old relationship related content from your wall and photo collection.

So What Happens To Deleted Posts?

Good question and Facebook has already given us the answer early, when removing a post you will have the option of keeping it temporarily, or removing it permanently. You will however have a 30 day period where you can change your mind about deleting a post but that's it, if you try to change your mind after 30 days it will be too late and they will have been permanently destroyed.

That's all the information we have, let us know your thoughts down below.


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